Open Assets

Issue, manage, and protect third party assets directly on the Bitcoin network.

Open assets is an enterprise grade colored coin protocol, enabling firms to leverage the security of the blockchain to transfer value independant of the underlying Bitcoin.

The Ember platform is a fully integrated middleware designed to give Enterprise customers the power of the blockchain for their sophisticated next-generation applications.

We believe in the power of the blockchain to radically cut administrative over head, and provide unique direct-to-consumer financial products.

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Color Coins

First tier access to Color Coin networks, including unconfirmed and confirmed transaction pools.


Proof of existence style digital watermarking and tracking

Dynamic Wallets and APIs

Real time support for dynamic HD wallets, and thorough REST/JSON API access

Key Management and Multi-signature

Distributed HD key mangement, mnemomic support, and BIP-41 HD P2SH

Ember Financial

Enterprise grade

Enterprise Grade

Key management, API support, and extensive expertise get your applications to market fast


Distributed and Fault Tolerant

Built from the ground-up for high availability and transactional integrity


Advanced functionality

All of the tools necessary to build sophisticated financial applications



First tier support from experts in the field